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Introduction to Investment Grade Long-Term Net-Leased Property

Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of investment grade, long-term triple-net-leased (NNN) double-net-leased (NN) real estate. This article was originally written during one of the most tumultuous and difficult economic times throughout our... Read More

Delaware Statutory Trust and Other Real Estate Investment Structures

Read this simple guide to real estate ownership structures: sole ownership, Tenant-in-Common (TIC), Delaware Statutory Trust (DST), Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), and real estate funds (LLC and LP). Read More

Corporate Credit Ratings

Corporate credit ratings are issued by rating agencies in order to provide investors with better insight into how well a particular organization is operating and able to pay off its liabilities and financial obligations. The three largest rating... Read More

Analyzing Lease Terms: What to Look for in a Double-Net or Triple-Net Lease

In addition to securing the right type of tenant, a sufficient lease term and the right lease structure, the terms of your lease protect your rights and the value of your asset over the long run. The lease terms described in this section are not... Read More