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  • $3.6+ Billion of assets under management
  • 14+ Million square feet under management
  • Focus on investment-grade, necessity-based retail and healthcare
  • Invested across 825+ properties
  • Diversified across 40 states
  • All full-cycle offerings (18 total thus far) have met or exceeded projected returns
  • All active offerings are meeting or exceeding investor cash flow distribution projections
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All AUM statistics as of 5/31/21

States with ER and affiliates' AUM

Net-Leased Portfolios

Our net-leased platform features REIT, fund, and 1031 DST portfolios of long-term, net-leased properties backed by investment grade corporations. We target tenants that operate successfully in the necessity retail and healthcare industries to provide investors with stable and predictable income.

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MultiFamily Offerings

Our multifamily platform targets Class B apartments with stable income and value-add upside potential. Our multifamily offerings feature strong cash flow, high debt coverage ratios, conservative underwriting, long-term fixed-rate financing, and the potential to enhance return with value-add strategies.

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Because everyone needs an exit strategy

We believe that investors deserve an investment strategy that is structured to provide them with stable cash flow, capital preservation, and value-add return potential in the face of uncertain economic and financial conditions. ExchangeRight manages a large, diversified, and growing portfolio of net-leased properties backed by investment grade credit tenants that operate successfully in the necessity retail and healthcare space and that we believe will be attractive and marketable for a larger aggregated sale, merger, listing, and/or initial public offering.

Past performance of the Sponsor and any past offerings is not indicative of future results. Liquidity and exit objectives or results are not guaranteed.


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