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Recession Resilience Case Study: Dollar General

Managing Partner David Fisher illustrates the basics of ExchangeRight’s recession-resilient investment strategy by looking at Dollar General, one of the investment-grade tenants featured in our Net-Leased Portfolios. David highlights Dollar General’s virtues as a tenant, including its strong investment-grade credit rating and its steady same-store sales growth, while also emphasizing the importance of assessing demographic information, traffic counts, and other factors when picking particular properties to invest in.

About the Series

The "ExchangeRight Partner Insights" educational video series explains ExchangeRight’s business strategy and specific focus on net-leased properties in the necessity retail and healthcare industries. They do not constitute an offer or recommendation to purchase real estate investments.

Past performance of the Sponsor and its previous offerings is not indicative of future results.

In general, real estate investments are speculative and involve risks including illiquidity, potential disruptions to income, or even the complete loss of invested principal. Our investment strategies or performance are not guaranteed.


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