Fresenius Corporate Profile

Fresenius Corporate Profile


2020 Annual Revenue
€17.86 Billion

2020 Gross Profit
€5.44 Billion

2020 Annual Net Income
€1.12 Billion

2020 Fiscal Year Revenue Growth 

2020 Number of Employees

Credit Rating

S&P Rated: Investment-Grade BBB (Long-Term)
*Fresenius Medical Care Holdings Inc.’s senior unsecured notes are rated “BBB” by S&P.

Fresenius Corporate Profile

Fresenius Corporate Profile

Fresenius Medical Care (NYSE: FMS) provides dialysis and related products, inpatient/outpatient care products, and services such as engineering to hospitals and related facilities. Fresenius operates more than 2,400 dialysis centers in North America and has over 125,000 employees. These facilities routinely provide medically necessary renal care to hundreds of thousands of patients with chronic kidney failure, a condition that affects more than 2.1 million individuals globally.


1055 E. Colorado Blvd, Suite 310
Pasadena, CA 91106

Phone: (855) 317-4448
Fax: (877) 711-4047


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