Pick n Save Corporate Profile

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Current Annual Revenue (KR)
$115.34 billion

Current Gross Profit
$25.84 billion

Current Annual Net Income (KR)
$1.98 billion

2016 Fiscal Year (KR)

Credit Rating

S&P Rated (KR): Investment Grade BBB (Long-Term)

A-2 (KR) (Short-Term)

Pick n Save Corporate Profile

(Kroger guaranty)

Pick ‘n Save was founded in 1975 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is now the premier supermarket chain in Wisconsin with over 100 stores serving customers. Pick ‘n Save is focused on giving back to their community and have supported them with nearly $4 million in funds and food since 2003. Featuring competitive employee bene ts and a strong commitment to promote from within, Pick ‘n Save employs approximately 10,000 employees. In 2015, Pick ‘n Save became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroger (NYSE: KR).