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ExchangeRight Surpasses $3 Billion in Assets Under Management and Hits 100 Consecutive Months of Uninterrupted Distributions Meeting or Exceeding Cash Flow Targets

PASADENA, Calif. - ExchangeRight has surpassed $3 billion in assets under management in the same month that it has reached 100 consecutive months of providing uninterrupted investor distributions at rates meeting or exceeding projected cash flow targets across all of the company’s offerings.

In celebration of these milestones, ExchangeRight is pleased to present two new videos in which managing partners Warren Thomas and Joshua Ungerecht share their reflections on ExchangeRight’s continued success throughout the pandemic. Please click below to watch.


New Insights

  • ExchangeRight’s net-leased offerings have produced average annual investor distributions of 6.87% over the past 5-year period.
  • In 2019 investors allocated $372 million into ExchangeRight offerings, representing over 67% growth from 2018.
  • So far in 2020, investors have invested over $385 million in ExchangeRight’s offerings, an increase over 2019 despite the COVID crisis.
  • The average annualized return including return of capital across ExchangeRight’s 15 full-cycle offerings is 9.23%, which is 16.19% higher than the company’s initial projections.
  • The average annualized return across ExchangeRight's full-cycle net-leased offerings is 8.29% for cash or 1031 investors and equivalent to 10.32% for 721 investors.
  • The past performance of ExchangeRight and its previous offerings does not guarantee future results.

“These milestones attest to the strength and soundness of our strategy for creating offerings that are designed to protect investors’ wealth even through economic downturns,” said Thomas. “We continue to work diligently to serve the staggering investor demand we have seen during the ongoing COVID crisis.”

“Though we are excited about the continued growth, we believe that the bigger achievement is that all of the investment offerings that allowed us to eclipse $3 billion in assets under management have all performed as or better than projected, despite the economic turmoil caused by the COVID crisis,” said Ungerecht. “We are proud that all of our offerings have continued to provide uninterrupted income at or above original distribution targets for the more than 4,000 investors who have entrusted a portion of their wealth with ExchangeRight.”

About ExchangeRight

ExchangeRight is a vertically integrated real estate investment firm with over $3.1 billion in assets under management diversified across 750+ properties, 15 industries, and 38 states together with its affiliates. ExchangeRight pursues its passion to empower people to be secure, free, and generous by providing REIT, fund, and 1031 DST portfolios that target secure capital, stable income, and strategic exits. The company strategically acquires and manages long-term, net-leased assets backed by national, creditworthy corporations that operate essential businesses successfully in the necessity-based retail and healthcare industries. For more information, visit www.exchangeright.com.

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