NAPA (National Automotive Parts Association)

NAPA (National Automotive Parts Association)


Current Annual Revenue:
$15.34 billion

Current Gross Profit:
$4.60 billion

Current Annual Net Income:
$687.24 million

2016 Fiscal Yr. Revenue Growth:



Long-term liability guarantee from Genuine Parts

Company (publicly traded with over $12 billion market

Cap as of November 2017). Score (GPC):1 [lowest risk]

NAPA (National Automotive Parts Association)

NAPA (The National Automotive Parts Association) Corporate Profile

NAPA (The National Automotive Parts Association) is an American-based voluntary trade association which distributes and sells over 400,000 replacement parts, specialty parts, and pieces of equipment for the auto repair, collision, heavy-duty truck, and industrial sectors. NAPA corporately owns and operates a contingent of its 6,000 stores and 14,000 auto-care facilities, while the remainder are independently owned and operated. NAPA’s sole member and majority owner is Genuine Parts Company (NYSE: GPC), which also holds NAPA Canada / United Auto Parts (UAP), NAPA Autopro, and NAPA Todo, by which it serves the Canadian and South American markets. These and TW Distribution and Traction, GPC’s heavy-vehicle parts distribution brand, and Altrom, its import parts distribution brand, make up GPC’s automotive parts group. The other divisions include Industrial Parts Group (Motion Industries), Office Products Group (S.P. Richards Company), and Electrical/Electronic Materials Group (EIS, Inc.). GPC’s well-positioned distribution centers enable NAPA and its other companies to quickly adapt to the changing needs of its customers. This infrastructure, coupled with GPC’s commitment to quality products and a high degree of customer service, have resulted in higher revenue growth, a stronger operating margin, and a more credit-positive debt-to-EBITDA ratio than the rest of the industry.


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